Oh,The Insanity
2003-01-11 01:01:45 (UTC)

An Expression of my Current Feelings

Sitting here, alone, I wonder what’s this life all about
anyways? And then I’m reminded of all the times my best
friend, who will be from here on out named as A, told me
how special I am and how much I really mean. But he’s not
really here right now to hold me as I cry for no god-
forsaken reason at all, simply to vent my feelings of pain
and frustration. I took your advice and I want to scream.
I did just as all of you said I should and it has gotten me
nowhere in life. I’m a pawn, in everyone’s game of chess
and whoever wins has taken me captive. After spilling my
hopes and dreams in front of my Mother, I feel empty and
vacant and though I may joke about being aggressive and
assertive and all those other cool words that start with A
and mean pretty much the same thing, I know that deep down
inside, I am still the frightened child who fears
everything…not just the dark and shadows, but seriously,
everything. I know that I am only a puppet, pull my string
and I say what you taught me…thank you democracy.