The Second to Last Sunset Golf Course
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2003-01-11 00:57:25 (UTC)


I spent 3 hours in Doctor's office and 5 in jail. B
and I held an sit-in in the cafeteria against the
draft...Doctor was not amused. He yelled, he threatened,
we refused to leave, he called the police, they came and,
It was surreal.
Doctor said that the politicians were doing a good
thing; trying to add diversity to the army. He said that
as of right now the army is full of poor minorities.
And the draft will fill it with even more poor
minorities. Why?
Because the politicians would spit shine their own
rims before they would allow their own children to be
buttoned into a uniform. It's true. Look at certain
unnamed governemnt officials. His father did everything in
his power to get him into the Texas Air National Guard so
he could "serve his country" without ever serving his
Don't get me wrong. I wouldn't serve this country
either but I wouldn't make anyone else take my place. It's
Call me jaded, call me cynical. I get it from my

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