my own escape
2003-01-11 00:55:22 (UTC)


I have been working a ta new job waiting tables making dick
shit at friday's. I started there because i wanted to chill
with my friend. Then she walks intot he store.
Her name? Nikki.
From the moment i saw her i went nuts. She is so beautiful
like an african queen the way she holds her slender neck.
Her soft, smooth dark skin refelecting the cheesy
flourescent lights. And somehow even with a greasy face
from handling food and bloodshot eyes from smoke, shes awe-
Of course being the only homo in the store i kept my little
secret hushed and told noone. I thought that she was like
me and then my imagination started thinking up such great
and wonderful dreams that one day we would go for a drink
and she would realize that we would be so awesome together.
And it did.
New years in fact. What a wonderful way to bring in the new
year. I left work about three with her with the intent of
taking ehr home. Well, the road led us to ocean city
maryland where we camped out in a hotel to shiel us from
the storm outside. There we smoked and talked for hours.
Laughing and joking and becoming so close so fast. It
seemed like i was there not with the girl i had a crush on
for so long but with an old friend. Everything came so
easily to us. The conversation never lagged and the quiet
moments weren't awkward.
The night being over and the sun already rising, we needed
to sleep before heading back to work. Before we did tho and
as i lay in her arms, we kissed. Her soft sweet lips
against mine gave a rush like no other. We continued in
this manner of looking into eachother's eyes and engaging
in sweet kisses for quite some time.
This was her first girl-girl kiss. This i wouldnt learn
until the next day tho.
After i awoke to her in the shower i thought i had been
dreaming. but as she left the bathroom and back into my
arms i knew it wasnt a dream. She had never dated or kissed
a girl before and here she was, with ME! How amazing it was
to be her first kiss. And to still have her in my life is
such a blessing. Best ten days of my life