No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2003-01-11 00:52:01 (UTC)

yeah...shit does fly

How was my day? Lets try horrible...I wish it was would have been great. My day sucked more ass
than a furry hot dog and a monkey boot. I'm serious! It was
horrible! Well, it started last night. I'll give you a
vague idea of what happened. Terry went behind my back with
Trish...again. Sure...we aren't talking or anything
now...but while we were he went behind my back and lied to
me several times. I know that doesn't sound that bad...but
it really don't need ANY details at all. I didn't
look at him or say a word to him this morning, or at all
today. I didn't look at him in the hall, when I got in the
car, got out of the car, or while we were in the car. I
talked to him last night about it...mainly a lot of
silence. I am not mad over what happened, I am amd that he
lied and mad that she lied and mad that they both back
stabbed me...again. I know things with them are over
now...but they supposedly were before...I thought they
were. I want to trust him...but how can I? You know? I have
thought about him ALL day. I just don't know what to do. I
really don't. It's hard to be mad at him...but I
mean...yeah...I'm mad. *sigh* Terry sticks a knife in ym
back and when the scar completly heals and I turn around
there is another knife and they hit harder and further down
EVERY time. Ouch, it hurts. I am honest with people, and
the one thing that really bugs me is when they lie to me.
*sigh* So angry, and upset, and lonely, and betrayed....