Step inside the mind of a maniac
2001-09-09 16:14:04 (UTC)


Well this is my diary, the only second one i have ever
kept, and well, if you visit here long enough , or actually
know me, then you've either already heard the story behind
it, or will either here or well something in the near

A little warning, i ramble and rant a lot, so here will
just be a collection of my thoughts and well stuff ,
apologises to anyone who is hurt by anything or hears stuff
they should not hear well here, anyways, this is just an
introduction entry, i dont know how many more they'll be,
perhaps once a day, perhaps several a day who the hell

But well if your actually reading this , good for you, i've
prolly either bribed you or forced you in some way, if
not , well ,will you excuse me while i faint *faints*