Blood and Chocolate
2001-09-09 16:10:56 (UTC)


Hey everyone~
I am sorry about last night! Ever since that party I don't
know what to think of myself or of my life or what I am
going to do about my guy issues ! If you are interseted in
helping me figure out my life then respond to my journal
and ask me to tell you about my problems ! I would be most
thankful for some advice ! OH sorry to my friend Nate from
CC ! I didn't mean to take my troubles out on you !
Seriously I am so sorry ! really I am sorry to everyone who
I was such a bitch to except Dan cause he deserved it!!!!
Oh I am also sorry to my friend Ericka cause of her guy
problems which are making her sad ! :( ! Sorry hun! I am
sure they will get better soon! Ok well I am super tired
from the party last night so I think I am going to go take
a shower and then do the rest of my homework ! Later!
Luv ya all !