The life of a young army wife.....
2001-09-09 16:03:05 (UTC)

About Me

First, let me start off by telling you alittle about
myself. I am 26 and I have the best husband in the world.
It's really kinda funny how we met, because we met online.
When I first started talking to him, I was in the middle of
a divorce. My life has changed drastically since then. I
moved from Florida to Texas to be with him, when my divorce
was final. He is from Florida also. Matter of fact the same
town I am. I have been here in hell for about 5 months. I
call it hell because the only thing good here is my
husband. My husband is in the Army has been for 8 yrs, He
says that it is the best thing that has ever happened to
him. Let, me tell you, It's the worst that has ever
happened to me. This is a little town, with a huge army
base in it. There are absolutly no jobs that pay over 6.50
an hour. My house got broken into the first night my
husband had left to goto the field. "they didn't get
anything if your wondering I came home before they could"
I think the thing that seems to be draining my soul is the
fact I am alone, what seems like all the time. I have way
to much alone time on my hands. People has always said
that it wasn't until you spend alot of time alone that you
could say that you truly knew yourself. Well, let me tell
you people you were right. You start to think and to
wonder. You think about all of the wrong you done, about
what could have been if you would have done this diffrent,
you even start to wonder if what you are doing is right.
The past couple of weeks I have done all of the above. Its
kinda funny because it kinda seems like I am losing myself
within myself. I really hope you can understand where I am
coming from when I say that. I guess in a way, the person
whom I thought I was, I am actually not. After, sitting
and thinking of all I had done in my past, I am not too
sure if I think I am a good person anymore. I have done
some really embarrassing things. That I would be ashamed
about now. I guess at the time it seemed like the things
to do. Well, I have to run for now but I will be back. If
you want to give me some advice, I will be glad to hear it.