*Bubbles and Ducks*
2003-01-10 22:52:47 (UTC)

Romeo, Romeo Wherefore Art Thou...Ass?!

Last night was our first ski trip for Ski Club this
year!! WOO HOO! Too bad there are only about 16 freshman in
ski club, but at least they're all my friends. There was:
Andrea Chong, Yasmin, Khali, Katherine Fritz, Lil Megan,
Rachael, Marissa, Nicole, Kayla Osso (ugh), Kayla Maynes,
Shae, Julie M., Shoulen (I never call him Chris lol),
Brandon Webb, and Brett. Brett offered to teach me to
snowboard, which I really want to try.
We were on the bunny slope for a long time because both
Katherine and Kahli were beginners, they had never ever
skiied before. But after dinner we convinced them to go
onto a harder slope. Khali really had a hard time the whole
time we were there, but that's ok, everyone is different.
It was so funny, on the bus ride up and back, I sat with
Lil Megan and the whole way back we talked about computer
games, mostly about the Sims, and she told me all hilarious
ways to kill them. Like you can burn them to death and
drown them too. The way she explained drowning was the
funniest. She's like build a pool with a ladder, have them
go in, and take the ladder away! It was so funny. We were
really loud, because me and her and Yasmin were like the
only ones talking on the way back and so the rest of the
bus was silent. We kept laughing really hard and really
really loud. It was hilarious. I was so tired this morning,
I felt like I was going to pass out. But I wore one of my
really cute, new, and comfortable Delia*s sweaters.
Hahaha! I did none of my homework last night and I
didn't study for our Spanish test and I got a 70% on it.
God, I couldn't stop laughing when I saw my score. At least
I didn't get the lowest in the class, Joe ((sigh)) did even
worse, but not by much, he got a 65%. Ok, well I don't
think I have anyhting else to say, except I write in this
thing A LOT more. Cathy, you should be happy, you alwasy
complained that I never wrote in mine!


P.S. We watched Romeo Juliet today in English and we saw
Romeo's butt A LOT!! He has a VERY nice but (Bridget you
know what I'm talking about.) And we also saw Juliet's
breasts for just a minute but oh come on! She's supposed to
be 13 and DOES NOT have a thirteen year old's body parts!!

P.P.S. Whoever reads this leave me a message, any message just so I
can know who reads this. Proabably no one. :(