Garbage Pail
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2003-01-10 22:51:50 (UTC)

first entry

yeah yeah yeah... an online journal, so bite me. I was
trying to think of a good place to store a collection of
odds and ends, thoughts and quanderies I've come across in
my daily life and/or durring the endless seconds and
minutes the evil evil internet occupies my time. So hear
it is. I'm sure you're facinated - but at least I wont be
jamming up my website or taking up precious-precious email
space. This was the cheapest, best idea I could come up

Every Wednesday I get my horoscope sent to me via Rob
Brezsny's Free Will Astrology Newsletter. I'm not one to
put much faith into the stars (nor any other faucent of
divine power) however I always find Mr.Brezny's newsletter
to often be humourous while at the same time... quite
profound. A highlight admist a week of email forwards,
newsgroups and "witty" pornographic adverts *heh*.

If you are interested - you can check out his website (I'll
insert this later when I look it up) I first found the site
during a search for lyrics by Saul Williams - oddly enough,
his name was amongst a list of insightful artists promoted
by Rob on his site. Short story long: I started checkin
out his astrological forcasts and found them to be muy
thought provoking. The latest I've featured here cracked
me up...

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): I've been having dreams about
rock star Eminem. In one, my mom beat Eminem's mom at arm-
wrestling. In another, he took me to the house in Detroit
where he lived as a child, which happened to be next door
to where I grew up. In a third, Eminem and I collaborated
on a music CD that was loved by the critics but shunned by
consumers. What do these dreams mean? Since Eminem is the
celebrity whose influence I regard as the most contrary to
mine, my unconscious mind may be suggesting that I should
deal more proactively with those I disagree with. Or maybe
I'm being shown that my adversaries and I have similarities
that I've been unwilling to acknowledge. I bring this up,
Aquarius, because my analysis of 2003's omens reveals that
you, too, should identify the person who is most unlike you
in the world -- your Eminem -- and ask the same questions I

I'll let you know who I eventually pick as my famous arch
nemisis *heh*