Hannah Rose Cherry

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2003-01-10 22:47:03 (UTC)

sex on the beach

ijus took this quizz and if i was a drink id be sex on the
beech wich is awsome, lol. well i havent written in quite a
while, becuase shits been going on. i'm so fucking sick of
school, i cant take it anmore, i swere in english class
today i was like right about tyo strangle her. i would have
too but i dont wanna touch her and get her germs.uch even
my parents hate her soooo much. god she's compleatly
inflexable and i dont think she even likes kids. god i'm so
pissed, ir eally dont know how much longer i can take her,
i really think i might hit her one of theese days.god i
cant take it, i havent been sleepin l8tely either, well
thats not really anything new, but really, i'm so tired, i
fell asleep in math and history today. i'm sooo tired.

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