A sad story
2001-09-09 14:46:31 (UTC)

My Trip Home

After about two weeks, I was finally allowed to go home.
My father went to pick me up. My mother stayed at home, and
my father was very upset about it. When we arrived at home,
my father took me to his room, to introduce me to the
family. My mother got up and left. She did not want to be
near me. The next day, my dad had to go to work. He left me
with my mother. When he got home, I was crying and had not
been changed. He didn't know if I had been fed or not
because I was crying and she wasn't even in the same room
as I was. During the first few days, I was always sick. No one knew
what was wrong because no one told anyone anything. During the next
few days, my dad lost his job trying to take care of me. He did not
trust leaving me with my mother. He finally found a baby-sitter and
was able to get back to work. My mother was often upset with him
because he would spend more time with me than he would with her. The
house was always filled with anger, everyone yelling at everyone.
Even my two older sisters were invloved in the arguments.