Sleeping with the lights on
2003-01-10 22:05:27 (UTC)

I never write on here anymore but wtf

It's friday evening...Stevie keeps leavin on us, he said
he'd be back..I don't think he's honest. I'll be back baby I
just gotta beat this clock. FUCK this clock, I'mma make them
eat this watch..
But, that's another story right now. I am not really happy
with myself. It seems that I should not have broken off all
of my friendships in waynesburg. i was trying to be cool by
hangin out with the cats from my town, and now I'm just
fucked. Coz, Jimmy's leaving and steve..well..he left too.
Those are my only two close friends in this world right now,
and they both have their own friends so I'm butt fucked
pretty much. I actually tried to download mirc, now that is
pityful. I wish that for once they would just come back and
get me, I mean..they always say that they why don't
they?? Why couldn't they just call and be like well this is
what's up, but no. Do they? NO! So, like I said..butt fucked.

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