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2001-09-09 14:35:10 (UTC)


Think I am sick, could possibly be due to kissing
boyfriend while he was sick and being vain enough to
believe my body could resist the germs. Sore throat.
Pounding headache. Stuffy nose. Can't talk much less sing.
I had some more of those non pre-split pre-split english
muffins this morning. I also got yelled at for not making
bed. For an undeserving 10 minutes. Bloody wonderful.
Don't want to move right now, as feel horrible. I will work
on the procrastination another day... good god when will
the procrastination end???!!!! HHHmm.... must do homeowrk
before tomorrow. Have chemistry sheet due, maps for world
studies, and some research for my writing class. Must call
Helen, because I desperately need help in that area.
Pretty much the only thing looking up right now is that I
do not have to work all of next week, which is also
negative because then I have no money. It's just not my
day, or my weekend I guess. I wonder if Drew still wants to
do something with me today. He's probably not sick anymore.
Dad was nice and made breakfast this morning, but I made
my own because I do not fancy scrambled eggs.
Would love to stay and chat, but must go get ready for