Book of Souls
2001-09-09 14:25:38 (UTC)

Chris's College Compendium vol. 1

After one week of college a lot has changed. I couldn't get
on the net up there, due to a computer error, but
everything is going well now. I bought the piece and all.
So now it should work. What else? Oh I couldn't register my
car so I kept getting fake parking tickets. I couldn't eat
because my student ID had the wrong social security number.
It was a weird, long week. I had fun though. I am enjoying
it, so far. I don't do much. I usually hang out in my room
and do homework. Now that I'll have the internet it should
be better. I have to catch up on my reading. I need to
finish Farewell to Arms by Wednesday, and I'd like to have
Great Gatsby done by next Monday. Plus I need to take notes
on my Philosophy class. Shouldn't be too bad though since
one book has all the notes highlighted. I'll probably do
that Monday afternoon. The roomates are fine and good. No
problems there. Everything is good, I guess. The computer
center is open all night so I can get that taken care of
most likely. The car will have to wait until Monday I
guess. I don't really want to go back. I had to come home
this weekend because we're moving and I needed to buy the
computer part, and to see Corri. She's why I don't want to
go back. I miss her and I don't like being away for so
long. I still talked to her everyday, but it isn't the
same. I wish she were there. I feel naked without her. Like
a piece of my soul is gone. She and I work well together,
like dirt and water to make mud. We are like a thunder
storm, very chaotic, and tummultuous, but very, very
powerful. We put each other through a lot of crap, but we
love each other more then words can describe. I think we
would do anything for each other. I mean, we know we're not
perfect, not ever going to win awards for being the picture
perfect couple, but I think we have a love that surpasses
all else. I know I can count on her, whenever I need her,
and she knows it of me. This little journey to middle-
nrothern Maine is just a test of our love. I hope we pass.
I know we will. That's all for this week. Classes are good.
Roomates are good. Food will be good. Computer is getting
good. Being away is not good. I love you C.