Thoughts arrive like butterflies
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2003-01-10 21:01:19 (UTC)

Failed History...

I failed history. I got an E. Herr G was pretty pissed off.
He shook his head angrily, and screamed my name. "Rebecca,
E!!", his forehead throbed, venom and saliva flying from
his rabid mouth. The whole of the class got low marks, so
it's not like it was just me who failed.
Over two third of the class got below a C. It was
definately the Medieval Medicine questions which threw me
off course for my A*. lol. I'm positive I didn't do bad on
my Nazi Germany and hyperinflation questions, because I
know all about that. It's just...Kock, Lister, Paré all all
the other medicinal men. All I know is that..Flemming
discovered penicillin.

Then, afterschool I had an appointment with the man-beast
at the opticians. "Look down, deep into the distance." Well
umm, I would have, if her head hadn't been in the fucking

Nothing very exciting happened today. I've been mainly
polishing my boots, ready for the morrow.

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