Morbid Slut

Penguins And Pink Monkies
2001-09-09 12:40:11 (UTC)

damn mood ring

well i have broken carls mood ring...actually i didn't...i
set it down overnight and something happened that i know
nothing about...he is gonna be pissed...damn fairy anyway.
i feel like chewing someone out...possibly carl...if he
wants to break up with me then why doesn't he just say it??
i don't want to drag it out...i do wanna be single cause i
love being a actually i just want to be single so i
will not feel bad being around sean...cause he doesn't know
i have a boyfriend, i don't feel bad about cheating on
carl...just on not telling sean about carl. besides i have
a new's not cheating if he's from another area
code...hehehe i think it is a gewd one. oh the other night
i had a dream that i cheated on carl with not only sean
(wait remember rule, its not cheating) but david...and
someone told him in the dream and he was like "what would
you do if you were me?" i said i would prolly break up with
me...then i realized i didn't want that to happen...i think
the bastard is growing on me. fuck it fuck it all my head
hurtz and i think i am going to explode. i hope today is a
good day and my dad isn't psycho....i want sean!