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2003-01-10 18:37:02 (UTC)

An intimate moment with a great friend

Today I went to the gym and did my usual routine. Michael
phoned me yesterday and I asked if I wanted to come around
his place to do some revision. After I went to the gym I
took a bus all the way to his place. We chatted, listened
to some music and some other stuff. After we did some
revision we went to the spare room to talk. Michael was
asking me how I was he was looking out for me and that he's
really happy for me.
I've known Michael since I was 11 in secondary school,
through year 7-9 I didn't really know him well, we hung
around different sets of people and really didn't know one
another. In year 10 we started to talk, we were mostly in
the same classes and sat with eachother. As time went on I
got to know Michael well, not well enough as I know him now
but an admirable start(I remember once going to his house,
the flooring on the outside was all marble!).
Throughout the year we started to really get to know
eachother, talked about his family, how he felt and stuff.
Year 11 is when we really bonded. The groups of people that
we hung around merged to one really nice circle and
everyone was really good to one another, so we really got a
chance to really to know one another. Back then I didn't
think that me and Michael would ever be as close, he was
always quiet and me so outspoken and somewhat "strange". I
left BGS and went to a nearby college..and Michael went
there too. We were again in more or less the same class.
Michael is sensitive, caring, protective (stubborn at
times), hard working and such a decent guy. In many ways I
feel like he is my companion, someone who's always there
for me when I need him, someone who I can talk to whenever.
He and Sam are really close to me, there is nothing I would
change about them. I am so happy that I really got to know
Michael, seen how he changed, seeing his ups and downs. I
love him, he's great and so fun to be around. Three cheers!