Watch me lose it...
2003-01-10 18:04:40 (UTC)

Bring back something for the hood motherf*cker

Listening to : Mansun - Wide Open Space
Boring boring day. No problems, just boring. Gary and
Richard had a go at lunch time because I didn't take them
to the pub and buy them beer. After all, Gary did get me
off that parking ticket because I was incapable of doing it
myself. No Thomas again either.
Had a really good sly dig at Andy when I went to to CCTV to
take him some stuff for a training morning he was doing. He
asked Brotherton to go and collect Angela Tuppers PC but he
gave a "anyone can do it." Because Andy is so fucking
twatty at dealing with him and so wrapped up in office
politics he kind of drudged it onto me, UNLESS wednesday
morning i was doing batch work. Which I was. And the job
didnt get done by Brotherton. Fucking nob head. So Andy
just left a note "sort out a date for when to collect
Angela Tuppers PC." Like, sort it out between you. Great
management there Andy. Thats an example as to why I was
bothered about the choice of temporary manager for the
department. Not saying hes worse than ian, its just Ian
would have made a solid decision there.
So I saw Angela Tupper and told her...I'll come and get it
at 3pm this afternoon. Someone had to make a decision. So i
did. Andy phoned after my dig at cctv and was like "i'm
sorry I've messed you about etc etc" and then "go home
early." Sorry for this but...LOL Whats that about? A
reward? rest of the time getting holiday from him is like
getting blood from a stone. What a cunt. I told him it
didn't was ok...and just mentioned about ian and
how Richard was pissed off about him being slack too etc.
He said he agreed but was reluctant to "drag him over the
coals" because of Ian Pick coming back possibly soon. That
thought makes me shudder.
Its Friday though and other than thoughts of college on
tuesday things are smooth. Tawnys gone psycho kind of.
She'd marry me if i asked her, after only 4 emails. She
says I have a mysterious personality. Shes also gone all
depressed and started telling me about how she takes and
took drugs etc. Probably because I didn't whip my cock out
over her picture and wank off. Bitches. Honestly. I'm not
going to be weak like I used to be. Shes my game. Girls
have had me as their little play toy for a long
its my turn. Revenge on the female of the species. I will
do as I please because I can...because thats what girls
have always done with me. April, Jen, Amanda, Julie,
Jo...this is payback. Such a shame an innocent person has
to get hurt for it. Such is life. I'm gonna carry on...and
on just sending her email. Eventually she'll go mad and
kill herself or something because shes "oh so madly in love
with me." maybe she wont. Perhaps the world will have
another Umberto. That sounds good :) A mini me..who will
infect 100 others. Watch out Shady...because theres a
little bit of Umberto in all of us too
Looking at new cases today too and new PCs. Dangerous
expensive business that. Gotta be careful.

See ya later

Umberto had a slight bitch @ 18:08


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