Restless Comet Diary
2003-01-10 17:40:28 (UTC)


Hello there!I finally got here ...I thought I wont.I
was at school and I had a lot of classes.When I left we
still had 1 physics class but I couldn't stay there
anymore.So I left and I told to Dana(my deskmate) to try
making the teacher not notice I'm not there.She promised me
she will try her best.Well,I think it's her turn
now.Coz,shame on me, I lied a lot of times for my
classmates that were leaving because they weren't on mood
for classes or they had dates.I didn't even leave because I
wanted to..just because I felt sick and unable to pay
attention at the class.
Today,as I told you yesterday,I went to see my
doctor.She is exactly how I remember her.A CREEPY
PERSON.She was 2 hours late .Then she told me to get
undressed even though it was pretty cold in there.I don't
really like to get undressed hehe.Then she looked at me as
I was an Unidentified Flying Object.
She said she thought I have chicken pox but(thanks
God) I don't.I only have a really bad allergy.Then she said
something strange.She said this kind of allergies don't
usually get so bad but mine did because I don't eat
enough.Well....maybe this is true and I should do something
and I should eat more.....
Finally,she gave me a sirup(a really nasty's
so bitter) and some pills.she said the pills might make me
sleepy.Sleepy?I feel sooo dizzy and I can't even walk I feel my head will fall on the
My classes today were really boring.I've met my brody
when he was leaving.He promised me he will scan my pics and
he told me to take care of myself.Then he kisses me on my
cheeck and he left.He is not my real brother but I love him
as if he was.And he cares a lot about me and he proved it
to me.Besides,I can say that his girlfriend is one of the
few girls I really like and I really can talk with.
Now...he will scan tha pictures for free.
At school,my classmates are acting strange.Most of them
are sad and they don't wanna tell me why.My deskmate,Dana
is still worried about the Alex thing.She really likes
him.I don't know if my opinion counts but I think it would
be better for her to accept Ionut.He is a kind person even
if he is not so good she said...she likes
Alex.Alex is my friend too.....and he is really cute and
has a big heart but I don't think he is the right guy for
her.I don't's not my business so I wont tell her
About my life,it's still the same.Alex said he found a
job and I asked him what's it about and he told me but
there's no place for me there.
That's it for now.