my diary that i write in when im bored,
2003-01-10 16:49:45 (UTC)

aha-"the base is 6 centimeters high"

ok yea. maybe you didn't notice what i wrote as the
subject... maybe you noticed and didn't think of it...
maybe you have NO CLUE what im talking about lol. so i
wrote this last night. to someone. and it cracks me up...
so here im putting it in here in case anyone who is bored
decides to actually read my diary thing.
wow lol. i just finished doing homework with dad... and
lol... the last equation cracked me up. i was supposed to
be finding the volume. so it read "the base of the right
prism in 6 centimeters high. find the volume." so i found
the area... then dad was like "ok so the base is 48." and i
said "uh no... it says right there the base is 6" he
goes "no thats the height" i said "dad! look at it! is says
the base is 6 centimeters!" he looks at the book and
says. "its a miss print." i said "what?" and looking at it
i read "the base if 6 centimeters high... the base... is 6
centimeters.. high. ok... dad... is it the base... or the
height..." and he's just laughing and then i started
laughing cause my big bad algebra book messed up. lol. so
he crossed out base and wrote height. yea. humor in
algebra! least likely place. lol. i also just found out
thats more geometry. lol. i just thought it was all algebra
till dad said that the curriculum im using mixes algebra
with geomtery and trig. i was thinking "its does?!" and he
said "yea those perimeters and volume you do, thats not
algebra thats geometry." so i said "then whats algebra! the
numbers!?" i didnt know that yea lol.

hah yea so that made me laugh tha my algebra book was
messed up. also HAHAHAH i felt real smart we were umm i
can't remember im thinking. we were finding the greatest
common factor, and he was using primes(and thats not the
way he was supposed to in this case) and i was like "uh dad
thats not how we were taught to do it are you sure your
doing this right?" and he was like "yes" i said "uhh. maybe
you should look again." and he goes "oo ooo i read it wrong
your right im doing this wrong" ha lol i thought that was
funny *i* corrected my *dad* and he's been through algebra
geometry trigonometry and calculus ha. then we were
simplifying some stuff and part of the answer was 12 so i
said "ok i got 4 - 12" or something like that and he
goes "uhh...." i said "what, i know i did it right!" and he
goes "oh i forgot to put the 1 in front of the 2." lol. he
was half awake. yea. that was the best algebra lesson i've
ever done because it was fun lol... bye. i have to go do
school and laundry and... clean. and take a shower. all
before 2, and its already 12. and im supposed to do 3 hours
of schoool... lol. well i slept late. cause last night i
stayed up an esxtra hour playing guitar lol. and OUCH man
that really hurts your fingers, they were numb when i
finished and they still hurt now lol. ok bye again

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