Cosmic Rain
2003-01-10 15:56:10 (UTC)

rambled garb

This is bloody ridiculous. I'm addicted to bouncing cows.
Might be the music?? Maybe it's the fact I've lost more
than I've won, so I want to even the score. I'm not
sure..Bounce moo moo's bounce to that jazzzz!!!! mwuahaaha.

I'm also trying to figure out why in my Imesh downloads I
have a song called "Betty Lou Got A New Pair Of Shoes." It
will have to remain an unsolved mystery.

"She walked in a shoe store. Picked out a shoe, tried on a
12, but that wouldn't do..Betty lou got a new pair of la la..."


"..In the 1800’s many people, doctors included, thought
acne was the result of sexual derangement..."

Oh no..I have a pimple on my chin and I got it today and
that means one sexual derangment and hmmmm oooooh..maybe
they were right???..

Hmmmmm there must be something spiderly exciting on the
wall behind the computer near the door, because that is 4
times of recent a big daddy long legs has decided to crawl
about there and I killed one of them. So they better get
the hint. Stay away, I don't like you.


"...Short, intense bursts of excitement can actually make
you more resilient and able to cope better with prolonged
stress and tension..."

I knew there was a good reason for my hyper excitable
moments. :)

I've never come across a rude ATM machine, until tonight,
when I came across the one I usually go to acting very
uncharmingly. Maybe I was a bit rough with my button
pushing, but sheeshkaboobies if I had asked for the balance
to be spat out straight into my boobies and then whizz off
onto the floor I would have asked. And I don't recall
asking it to do that. Unless my pin number is a secret
code. ???? But that was just too damn rude. But it was
quite comical. I mean they usually politely just slip out,
but this one literally lept out at like it was going in for
the attack. "Woman's Head Cut Off By Bank Balance"

Hmmmmm I better stay away from hip hugger jeans. They say I
will get tingly thighs..

"Now that hip-huggers are back in fashion, physicians can
expect to see more patients with tingly thighs," he said.

Buggers the hip huggers then. But after reading that little
article about hips and tingly and paresthesia linked to
obesity, the last line of the article I read totalllllly

"Some patients have also reported pain after routinely
wedging their fat wallets into trouser pockets..."

I read it as

"Some patients have also reported pain after routinely
wedging their fat into trouser..."

I thought that's not bloody nice. Saying that people are
pushing their fat into their jeans. But then I reaised they
were talking about wallets. I should get to bed. I'm just
in a reading and writing mood. But to bed I will go.

*wanders off*