freeze time to blossom eternally through
2001-09-09 09:05:13 (UTC)

fuck today

well i thought today was going to be a great day bc i woke
up and remembered my dream. it was about joan and i. we
ended up hooking up. i cant tell you the last time i
remembered a dream. well it wasnt that great of a day.
went to work and talked to nacho and marco. and that weird
guy came back. i hurt nacho bc he likes me and i like
marco. but its cool bc marco and i are going out
tomorrow. too bad joan is too busy right now for me to
tell her all of this. i booked the flight to go see her
before work. it took forever. i mean there were so many
problems and i had to make so many calls and so much work
went into it. and its like she will never know. oh well.
i havent been able to have a real convo with her the last
few days and i just miss it. i just miss her. she told me
to watch bridges over madison county for this certain
part. so thats what im doing. lets see what happens and
what i will find out. well i dont feel like talking. i
feel so alone right now.