One hell of a life
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2003-01-10 12:55:08 (UTC)

1-10-03 entry twenty seven

Guess I got to get used to writing 03 at the end of dates
now instead of 02.

Well we went back to school on the eighth (a wednesday -
thank god). The day before I'd stayed in bed practically
all day reading these scary ass books...yeah well
anyway, they're okay right, but I went to sleep and
dreamed (dreamt?) about the characters all night.

Note to anyone-who-stays-in-bed-all-day-reading-a-freaky-
book: Don't Do It! You'll dream about it all night.

Anyway, first day I got back, I got an 85% on my Chinese
Mock IGCSE Exam...kind of a shocker, chinese isn't my best
but it was great to find that out. Then Ms. Rae (miss bitch)
(art teacher) gave us these sheets which said we had to
have our prep work for the second part to our art exam done
by tomorrow!! That was like, ten pieces of at LEAST half-
hour drawings. That was it, no notice, no warning,
just: "you have one day to do it all".

Anyway, mine was a mess but it was done so i dont care, and
the exam was 10 hours long. I finished mine today - i guess
it's not that crappy but it's not the best. Art was never
really my "thing".

UM...we were supposed to go to Windows tonight (a bar/club)
but I didn't feel like weird. I'm actually not in
the mood for guys tonight, as I told Lois, which (as she
said) (and I agree) is impossibly crazy - that's just
totally not me. I'm the guy-crazy girl! I'm one of the
girls Mr. Klar was talking about when he said, "If a new
good-looking guy comes to school [these people] will be the
first to have dibbs on him".

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