De-Tet-aCh Memoir
2001-09-09 07:58:12 (UTC)

Concord Dawn

Friday-Sunday 7-9 Sept 2001

After a hellish week of catchin up with assignments and
essays, I decided to take a break!! heheh not that i've
been workin so hard aniway : P

Friday nite, went to watch "Planet of the Apes" with David,
not too bad... dunno why so many people slammed it...but i
do agree the endin was tacky

Saturday..spent most of the day reading up on my AI notes
and refining the sociology essay.. then Luke asked if we
wanna go to Studionine again in the evening for Concord Dawn,
a rising Drum & Bass group in NZ... well the previous time
we had such a great time, so i agreed to go again...

not before we went to watch "Scary Movie 2" though...i
know ..i know...2 movies in 2 days is a bit of
excessive...but hey, hell's goin start soon ...might as
well enjoy...

the movie's not as good as the first one though...the
humour's way too low-brow this time.... excessive body
fluids present throughout the show... Me Yoke Leng and
Seyan went to watch together with Luke and his brother ,
Peter, and Peter's girlfriend, Janet. It was apparant that
YL and Seyan found the show too disgusting...but i was
already used to this kindof humour... so din enjoy it
much... it has some funny moments though...

on our way back to Weir House, we bumped into some of em
headin to town for a party... they were apparantly
drunk...and hugged all of us when we met them...such a
public display of affections..hehehe...of course, their
speech and actions do not make sense sometimes... but well,
it still felt good : P

1am... i met up with Luke and the rest again..and we headed
to Studionine for Concord Dawn... It was still early when we we went to a cafe for drinks and chatted till
around 2am.. the Saturday crowd was everywhere on the
street...finally at 2, we went into the was
packed with people!! so crowded that we had no place to
dance at all... it was only quite some time later that we
found our spots...and started dancing to the ferocious
beats... the music beats the previous time hands down...
Concord Dawn mixed various sound samples into their
beats... resulting in very interesting loops... it was
thoroughly enjoyable....

and we danced all the way till 7am!!! "Fuckin Machines"
that's how Luke described was dawn when
we left the club...omigosh...never danced throughout the
nite before... realli memorable... and strangely i dun feel
very tired....hmmm....

well after onli 4 hourse of i the
school's library... after finishing revising my AI notes...
tomoro's goin to be a long day discussin the s/w

well, more updates soon ,i hope : P