2003-01-10 09:21:18 (UTC)

I wonder if...

Brett and I have been friends since my sophomore year in
high school. The first time I met him, he was nice but
somewhat intimidating. And it is so odd for Stacey to ask
how "we" hadn't hooked up. It brings a smile to my face,
for that I have thought that more than once. He
said "maybe things would've been different if we hadn't met
in Commoner." But if we hadn't met in Commoner, I probably
would have never met him at all. He's like my big bro and
I'm like his lil sis.

He told me that I was his "favorite person." And I had to
think about whether or not he was mine. And he genuinely
is. No one else, that I can name cares about my feelings
the way does. Whoa, that sounded way to "romantic" but
seriously, none of my friends want to hear my problems or
bitching. But he always has something good to say. He's
got an answer to everything. And although I might disagree
with his type of thinking sometimes, he makes me think.
I'm glad I know someone like Brett.

I almost completely broke down in math today. Some part of
me wanted someone to notice, but in the end I'm glad no one
did. At first it was just my eyes wattering. Then when I
looked down, there was an actual tear running down my
face. And soon enough I had a frown on my face. If
someone had just asked me what was wrong, I probably
would've ended up crying. I wonder what kind of an affect
that would've had on the class. "No wonder she's so
uptight" someone probably would've said. HAHAHA, maybe I
am uptight. I guess I'm kind of a bitch to
that "someone." But what can I do, I cannot tolerate
stupidity. It gets on my nerves!

FINALLY, Kate and I "talked" about what was going on
with "us." The truth is, I still think Kate is the same as
when we started to become distant. It's so odd that Sara
is in the same situation that I was in. I wonder if Sara
will get annoyed of her. It probably would have to take
another year for her b/c Sara's got a more naive soul that
I do. HAHA...