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2001-09-09 06:34:40 (UTC)


Today was interestingly fun. First off, an early waking for
a Parade in Pekin. Then the trip to lunch with friends. That
was fun. There was a lot of sexual discussions throughout
the day. Quite interesting. Anyways, after that i slept and
then picked Laci up for the drive to Elmwood for their Fall
Fest. Thats when it started. It was just wierd. It's like
she wanted me to be all over her. But i wasnt going to. I
wanted it to be a friends night chill out. But it just blew
up. Its our first fight, we'll see how this goes. Other than
that, chillin with the crew out in a boon town was great.
Right now im tired as hell, but wont be able to sleep for a
while. I wonder what's going on with Liz. It's been a while
since ive talked to her, and she has a private diary now. It
must be a sign shes got a boyfriend now. Which would be
great, for her. The perfect situation, Laci breaks up with
Kevin over stupid shit, then Liz gets hot dream boyfriend,
and Kevin is happy? We'll see! I'm out, Peace.

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