I am Jack
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2003-01-10 08:00:02 (UTC)

I think it's going to be a good year...

Things seem to be looking good so far: I've got an interview
tomorrow to do some illustrations for a series of children's
books. It's a small contract job, but at least it'll be some
exposure and some $$$. I applied to a temp agency, so
hopefully they'll have some jobs for me while I continue my
job hunt.
Our film project endevours are about to be put to the
test as we have just begun to see about producing and
filming a short film. I went downtown this evening and met
with Chi and the guy who wants us to produce his script,
Josh. We've been only playing with the idea, but now we've
got a several participants involved, and a due date. Our
deadline is July, that's the last date of submissions into
the Telluride film festival. This weekend we are meeting
with the guy Chi has chosen as the producer, pretty
resourceful guy from what I understand. And next weekend we
are getting the whole crew together to discuss plans and
timetables, and to let everyone meet each other.
We don't really expect to win any awards, or that the
final cut is going to be anything spectacular (even though
the script is witty). What we really want is to learn what
we can from this, get our film, and names out there for
people to see. And if all goes well, then maybe we'll do
another, better project. If not, then we know we tried. Even
though I know it's not gonna be easy, and will probably be a
bit costly, It's something I've always wanted to try, and
I'm starting to get excited about it.
I've started to take the subways now, I think I'm getting
the hang of it. It was a bit overwheling and confusing at
first, especially at some stations or when you look at the
maps; all those trains designated by color/ number/ letter
combinations. And a here's hint: The BART trains and MUNI
trains don't go to the same stops, the maps are misleading.
My computer has been giving me a hard time lately, It
totally crashed the other day, but I finally got it up and
running again. the troubleshooting manual says that I need
to reinitailze the hard drive since all previous actions
just about failed. This means I'll lose what I'm not able to
back up, which may be quite a bit. So I'm backing up what I
can in my spare time, because even though it's working again
for now, I know it's running on borrowed time. I think once
I start it all over again it'll run much better, or as good
as a 4 year old computer can run. SOMEDAY, I'll have some
extra cash to just buy a new one.
Now, if I can just beat this insomnia that's recently
returned to torment me, things will be just peachy. Or as
Curve sings, "Every night, sleep wanders on it's own. But
never once does it kiss me, with it's chloroform." -from
Fait Accompli