Nick's Journal
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2001-09-09 06:20:35 (UTC)

Fighting Drunken Rednex

A lot of things happened to me during today, but the only
thing interesting is what happened in the blink of an eye.
First of all parties with stupid fucking rednex that want
nothing but to start shit with people that aren't exactly
like themselves is a problem waiting to happen. Second of
all I don't know why we didn't just leave. Finally getting
dave and ryan to leave was a feat in itself.
What's the next thing that happened? i'm at the car with
keith, luke, and juliann with crisi coming from her
apartment and i see dave run back up to the apartment.
Sprinting to the apartment i just think
shit....shit....shit. ryan and dave running up the stairs
to "get" them. me grabbing dave's shirt and him turning
around telling me to chill out. ryan finally going back
down and that girl pushing me and dave away. then within a
blink of an eye the blue dumbass going after ryan and
throwing him on the hood. dave trying to pry the guy off
ryan. then in the street crisi pulling ryan away, me
standing between dave and the rednex. walking away hearing
them jeer as if they won.
i guess they did show us. we had no right to not conform
to their strict etiquette standards of farting and belching
at the same moment. i just wish it would have ended
without an elbow in my side. alas...i don't get what people
get out of it. i guess i understand dave's wanting
to "stand up for himself" but at what price? oh the joy of
it all. ha but we showed them. yet the funny thing is, for the next
couple of days they will be washing out their mouths with dave's
urine.....he pissed in their listerine bottle.
"with what do you repay injustice? kindness?" "if you
repay injustice with kindess then with what do you repay
love? no, repay injustice with justice"