2001-09-09 06:02:46 (UTC)

Saturday, September 8, 2001

Hi! Sorry I didn't finish writing yesterday. I'll pick up
where I left off. We cuddled on the couch throughout the
entire movie. His touch was at times sensual and at times
sexual. Our bodies moved well together. It was very
enjoyable. That pretty much sums up our night together. It
was different and it felt good. We drove back to Montreal
in the morning. While he didn't say:"I'll call you.", he
did say:"You know where to find me." so I think the ball is
in my court. I'll call soon.

Last night I went to the Pub with Tan, Peter and Jamie. I
came home pretty early, smoked and crashed. This morning I
caught the cats having sex. More specifically, I caught
Hugo mounting Kilo twice. And he came!!! I don't know what
to think. Maybe Hugo is gay. I looked it up on the net and
homosexuality has indeed been observed among cats. Still,
it's a bit strange. I don't know if I should stop them when
I catch them at it or do nothing. Kilo doesn't seem to

It's very hot out here. I'm at Second Cup. I think I'll go
to the park.