A girls life!
2001-09-09 05:48:08 (UTC)

I stuck to my word but it was not that great! You should read what this blonde has to say!

Last night...I did it....I really did.....I pierced my eye
brow! I told some people I would and they didn't think I would!
I'm the type of girl where if you say no you won't! I to me
means I have to do it! So I had it in my eye brow , then I
was leaveing my house and my mom is like you are acting
sneaky(well yeah I had a safty pin in there!) which I was!
So then I'm heading out the door and my mom is like what did
you do and I was like where my purse and she gets it for me!
So I'm in the closet looking for my shoes and she like tell
me the truth! I was like I'am! Shes like come here! I was
like hang on! I went down stair "looking for my purse"
(which she had just givin me)! So I took the safty pin out
and went up stairs! I would have been fine except she came
next to me and turned the light on! The side of my face and
hair was just covered in blood! So we went and cleaned all
the blood out my hair and put and band aid on it! Which
sucks b/c I was going to the foot ball game at my high
school! So I went ne ways! I had a lump in that spot! Well
it is the next day and from my brow to my eye lashs is black
and blue and purple! We didn't tell my dad and it has been
hard not to look at him stright face and were sun glass ever
time I have to! So its ok because I will never do that again
and I really learned a lesson! Plus I can't even cover it up
with makeup! So I will talk to you all later about what else
happened! Please write me and tell me what you think! Lot of
love to you all!