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2001-09-09 05:38:12 (UTC)


umm i dont believe in god so dont criticize me about it. so
anyways....i was talking to my ex's ex(weve become really
really good friends this year) and we had typical girl talk
about him and our relationship with him. so anyways.....he
said the big "L word" to her and they went out for 7 months
and god!! jelous?? HELL YA!!i mean its just WOW! anyways
she thinks he still likes me(and she wants to hook us
up....which i dont get considering she still likes him) and
i have to admit it does seem like he stares at
me....but....i could be wrong. but also i can usually tell
if someone likes me i mean you know its like that intuition
chicks are supposed to have. lol whatever. hes still hot as
hell!! then theres my other ex. and he likes this new chick
just a little.....or at least thats what he says...(cause
to my best friend he said he only liked me but
whatever).....and im a little jelous and in a way i want
him back but thatd screw up a lotta other things. like
that thing with my other ex and this new guy who is soooo
majorly hot and hes looking for a gf and he seems to stare
at me and hes pretty nice and recently in class hes been
hanging around his friend who sits next to me...but then
yet again i can be wrong..... SO IM REALLY REALLY MAJORLY
CONFUSED!!! gonna go sleep on it!

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