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Fooling With Words
2001-09-09 05:28:57 (UTC)


I know I said I was going to write an entry during my break
at work, but there were a lot of people in the break room
and I didn't have the nerve to stand when they were all
sitting. Yes I know that is sad and pathetic. Besides, I
only had 15 minutes in which to consume 1/2 pint of chinese
food and an apple. I also said I was going to put new
sheets on my bed before I went to work. Didn't happen. I
also said that I had to work at 4, when in actuality it was
3... and I really didn't know that, so I showed up one hour
late for work, but Paul was managing and he is the nicest
person ever so he let me off the hook. Love Pauly. Work
was alright. Yees, ee speak iiinnnglesh does not translate
to "yes, I speak English". It is so hard helping customers
that speak another language. Very frustrating. I also
forgot to call Drew. I did a lot of forgetting today and a
lot of procrastinating which I will try to improve on
So anyway, I had no plans for tonight. Then after work
Lindsey and I decided to go to Wal-Mart because we both
needed shampoo and make-up. After being pursued by
college guys in the parking lot and frantically locking our
doors for fear of being raped, we bought our shampoo. And
hangers. We decided to buy hangers. We couldn't find clear
pony tail holders at Wal-mart so we decided to go to K-mart
to search there.
We ran into Brian and Krista and all went to K-mart
together. Since nobody had any plans we decided we would
all help dye Krista's hair. But first we had to go to HY-
Vee because Linds wanted to talk to David who still had an
hour left of work. (Linds is in love with David)When we
got there we found Dana waiting for David to get off work
(Dana is in love with David). The whole situation was kind
of weird. So we waited around for half an hour decided
where to go to dye Krista's hair. This must have been tough
on Brian(he is on love with Dana). Yes, so we had this
weird triangle of love thing going on, and it was all quite
awkward. Krista and I were getting bored so we just
decided to go and we would do it ourselves.
We heard later that Randi was having a party which she
neglected to invite us to, but I don't care too much.
So we went out to Krista's, and started to color her
hair, without her parents' permission, and without them
around. They came home in the middle of it and were very
upset that she hadn't asked permission. Krista has really
blonde hair, and we dyed it darker, sort of orange. It turned out ok
for my first time
dying hair, i'd be willing to do it again, although it
makes me nervous. I'm so glad it turned out good. She has
to be on a float in a parade tomorrow.
I guess while I was at work some people came by to look
at the house, and my parents are mad at me, because my room
was a tad bit untidy (pleasant way of saying completely
disastrous). I will have to clean my room tomorrow before
I can go anywhere. sigh. Miss Drew. Must spend entire
day with him tomorrow just hanging out talking. Miss
Must retire to messy bedroom for good nights sleep.

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