spaghettios and life

life is too broad a meaning
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2003-01-10 03:50:50 (UTC)

okay, so i think about..

okay, so i think about everything that goes on, every day.
i just sit and recount every time someone pissed me off or
made me feel like shit, even every time i pissed myself
off, maybe by making someone else feel like shit... and
you know what really angers me. people who are mean for no
reason, and dont say "oh they have a reason, bad
childhood, not enough love" does that not seem like a
bigger excuse to be a nice person? and, and i
wonder..those assholes who say so much shit to make you
feel bad, do they see you walk away with your head down on
the verge of tears and feel good about it? maybe laughing
with their friends but deep down hurting with guilt? i do.
if im a bitch i feel really bad and if they walk away sad,
i hurt...i see myself as them, walking away with tears
running down pale and lonely cheeks. i think, they are
going to go home and get a knife, the way i do sometimes.
make it feel better make it feel better make it feel
better make it feel better. make it feel better.
i over react, and i'd write more but i'm too pissed off.

fuck off...