My Life.............
2001-09-09 05:00:58 (UTC)

what a day..LOL

went up to babysit my niece and nephew today, actually its
almost 1 now so it would be yesterday..LOL neway, i watched
them for 6 1/2 hours, it was rough, i am so tired.:( then i
come home and found out the dog had chewed the phone wire
so we had to go get another, it was the wrong one so
luckily we had another here to use and here i am.LOL we
went out to eat, but, its ok, i hadnt eaten all day, and i
walked lots today, i was so freakin hungry.LOL my diet is
going pretty well, i hope i can keep it up, i want to get
some pilss fat busters..? my sister said to be careful
cause they can cause kidney stones, ouch! but, i still want
to use them, so we will see........