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2003-01-10 02:43:42 (UTC)

Not much to say but here to write something

Well whats up diary, its been awhile. No body wants to talk
so i decided to write in here. I wish I had something to
wrie about but I dont. This weekend will probably be boring
cause i dont think my mom will let me do anything. so ill
be here writing all the time. I hope my step sisters dont
come down cause they will get annoying. I hope we get my
stereo in my truck by the end of the weekend. And i hope it
fits too. Things in life are going pretty good. Im bringing
my grades up but i still have to miss the game i want to
play the most but i geuss thats what i deserve. I think I
have learned my lesson now, so maybe i wont have to miss
anymore games from now on. I havent talked to jerry today
and that sucks. he supposed to go to the doctor today so
that can be good or bad. Well it still sucks not getting to
see him or talk to him everyday. I wish i could get him to
go back to ohs, but i cant, thats out of my control. Maybe
my mom will wont to go see him after school tommorow. Ive
been trying hard at everything since ive been suspended
from the team, and im proud of myself. Since i failed that
one class my mom has been on my ass about everything. Jamie
wants me to come over and i want to but i know i wont be
able to cause of failing. Ive been thinking about Jamie alot. the
most when im in spanish class cause she used to be in there, and it
really sucks not having her in there. Now i dont have a reason to go
to that class. I really like her and i want to tell her that but i
just dont know how to come out and say hey, " I like you alot and
stuff." I came in here to write a few things and now i have wrote all
this stuff thats pretty crazy. I hope jamie is staying after school
tommorow, so i can see her even though i get to see her after every
class almost. Well i guess my done writing, maybe ill be back later.

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