Kat Eyes
2003-01-10 02:35:29 (UTC)

january 1, 2003

well i made it. the parade went fine. and i'm apparently a
great navigator. at first i was way nervous, but now i'm
ok. i cut our first turn way to sharp. but i made it. it
was freezing cold! i couldn't believe how cold it was. and
i got no sleep. heres how our schedule went (w/ rounded
1:00: we left the house
1:30 we arived at fiesta and they were gassing up the
floats so we couldn't get into the tent and have access to
the stuff that we had dropped off 2 seconds beore they told
us we had to leave and come back in an hour
2:30-3:00 we left the building and started our journey to
1:30 we arived in pasadena (there were also break downs, a
30 min intentionla stop, and tow-vehicle hook up
3:00 we had to bunch(between 1:30 and 3 i walked around,
waited for the cocoa/coffee/hotwater truck which gives out
all of those things scolding hot and free,watched south
pasadena's huge train float come in, talked to joe from
sierra madre, who goes to la salle and is actually the
youngest operator ever, and got 15-30 min. of lying in
dad's driver side in my sleeping bag/w the top half of my
body warm and my feet like popsicles)
3:15 i made my way to the tournament house, b/c our float
aid chryl gave me a breakfast ticket that she found on the
ground. so i went and got a hot, but bad tasting breakfast
and use of a toilet that actually flushes
3:45-7:00 i actually got "sleep" (i think i was just lying
there trying to warm my damn feet but i cant remember)
7:15 everyone started waking up, tourists started coming in
and looking at the floats, and the sun strarted to make an
8:00-12:00 we drove the float through the parade. it didn't
go to bad. like i said i cut the first turn way sharp, but
its all gravy. i didnt clip the curb as far as i can tell
and i hope i didnt hit any: tv camera men, tourists,
tournament officials, or cops. actually the cops and
tournament officials deserve to get run over. the officials
are just a bunch of old people who are apart of this
organization simply to be "upper class", get media
attention, the money or they want to meet men (*ahem* dr.
crawford)but chryl was cool. i didnt have any problem w/
her. she gave me this heat thing. you rub it and it makes
heat. it was great. i stayed nice and warm w/t hat thing,
and it satyed warm throughout the entire parade. everything
else went fine though. dad told someone that i was the best
navigator he's ever had. i would most definatly do it
again. yea, it wasn't a pleasent experiance the first time,
but i have the chance to improve. tim seemed incredibly
pleased too. he took a sweepstakes award, for the 10th year
in a row. for the rain bid float. if you ask me the ftd
float deserved it, but w/e. i'm glad he won it-he deserves
it. we came home and i was a little grumpy, but really glad
to be in a house. i serioiusly think that my body
temperature either dropped 30 degrees from last night, or
my temp just accomidated from florida's humid weather, to
cali's blistering cold. i really wanted to go to blakes,
but hes going to his moms. i was BUMMED. i really miss him.
i love being around him. hes just great. you know who
called me today? JORDAN! its been like a month since i
spoke w/ him. he said ehs been calling me for the past 2
days and i'm never home. but it was realy akward, seeing as
how i dont like jordan anymore. and i have a bf. OMG! you
know what happened? NICK GOES OUT W/ RHIANNON! it doesnt
bother me bother me, like i give a damn. i'm actually glad-
i dont feel like a shrew for going out w/ blake and falling
out of love w/ nick. i'm actually debating how long this
relationship will last. i give it a month or less. well,
i'm really tired so i'm gonna go get some sleep. l8rz