Kat Eyes
2003-01-10 02:34:38 (UTC)

december 30, 2002

not much happening here. grandma is on another one of her
emtional rampages. frankly i'm sick of hearing it. it's not
my problem! ARG. i hate living in a house with 2 assholes
and one PMSing old lady. its ticking me off. i'm sure i'm
not exactly marcia brady either, but god at least i'm not
walking around screaming at people. or slaming doors,
yelling GODDAMMIT or SONOFABITCH at trhe top of my lungs,
or just not speaking unless i am spoken to. blake told me
today that a bunchof friends were going to the movies. (he
invited me) so i'm praying that this goes through, b/c i
can't spend 1 more second w/ the basketcases. and i really
miss blake. i called last night but he said he
was "entertaining people" (probably meaning family was
over) and he'd call back later. he never called back, but
its not big. dad and i went out to ralphs to get food for
the parade. tomorrow is going to be insane. and i still
feel bad b/c i wont be there for blakes b-day. i'm not sure
what i'm doing for my b-day either. grandma told me that
she'd ask dad if he wanted to partake in my 16th
festivities but shed tel him that he better not ruin my
sweet 16. and i thought go grandma. b/c i'm tired of my b-
days being ruined by my dysfunctional family.the
gary/lisa/sue/jay/linda/cindy situation is escalating as i
speak. well i mean hypothetically. nothings really going on
at this moment but things happen at random moments. but
things arent getting better i must saygrandma and grandpa
are just digging themselves into a deeper and deeper hole.
i'm just thanking the lord that i didnt go, b/c i would not
have been happy if my christmas had been ruined like that.
i would have been livid. and i probably wouldnt have helped
either. well, i probably would have just stood there while
grandma screamed at everyone but if someone said something
to me o man every filthy word i know would have been
spoken. i'm trying to get by, but vacation is making that
very hard. w/ my BUSY social schedule and what-not i'm
spending more time w/ grandma then i expected. sometimes
thats a good thing, sometimes not. i hate not having
anything to do, and everyone bitching when i finally have
something to occupy myself w/. especially dad, who gets
PISSED everytime i ask him if he can pick me up/drop me off
from the movies. its like HELOOOOOOO fatherly dutyalert. if
you don't want to drive me get me my license and get me a
car! and i will drive my damn self.i have NO problem with
driving myself places. arg. well, i can't think of much
else to write so i'm going to try my "fixed" floppy drive
(and prove to dad that it really doesnt work) and then play
some solitaire or something. l8rz.