Kat Eyes
2003-01-10 02:31:08 (UTC)

december 27, 2002

not much happening here. i don't know when i'll be able to
post entries again. dad "fixed" y floppy drive and i can't
get it to read disks. so i'll write entries but who knows
when they'll end up actually online.christmas went ok. i
got some clothes, a cd burner and a new walkman. i hooked
up the burner, but it too isn't functioning. i kept getting
an error message which said that i either didn't hook up
the drive right or that i need to update the software on
the internet. (like THAT would be happening soon) dad also
tried to "fix" my burner yesterday. he gets pissed off at
my computer pretty easily though. so i just left and let
him do whatever, because no matter how much i would protest
he'd just mess it up more anyways. i turned my computer on
to write this and i noticed that he uninstalled the
software that wasn't working. so i think he just gave up.
but christmas went ok. grandpa invited hazel over and we
did a roast. i prefer ham over nay other type of meat, but
it was grandpa's dinner. it was nice. dad was being a butt
though. he came home from work and was pissed off and when
it came time to open gifts he wouldn't accept his, for some
reason. he yawned alot too. but if he was tired or not
feeling good, all he had to say was "i'm sorry but i'm
tired, i don't feel good etc." he didnt have to sit there
and be an ashole while the rest of us were trying to have a
yea-right christmas.i went to blakes house the next day
(christmas eve day-we had christmas 2 days early) blake
invited me over and i spent christmas with him and his
fmaily. it was so great. the first nice christmas i've
spent. ok it wasn't my family but still. and we officially
go out. as of 2:12 on christmas morning. h finally
confessed to me that hes bi (like i didnt know or
something) and we talked for about 3 hours. and finally i
was just like "you know everyones bugging us when we go out
or whatever so lets just make it official" so we did. i
was supposed to go to his house today and watch movies or
whatever but he still hasn't called me back, so i'm just
trying to stay sane and occupy myself. i am SO bored. i
can't get online b/c last night grandpa got super pissed
that i got on after day did. all of my friends are doing
family related activities or just aren't home, and theres
nothing good on TV.and now i'm getting pissed about this
whole movie thing. i reallty wanted to go and hes just
leaving me hanging. oh well. grandma and grandpa went to
gary and lias's for christmas on christmas eve day. (they
left in the early afternoon) and they got back yesterday at
about 8:40 in the morning (i wasnt expecting them back
until 5 or 6 at night) and they woke me up w/ all the
slaming of doors and garage opening and closing, etc. and
at noon, in my deep slumber, grandma burst into my room and
turned on the computer and proceeded to checkher e-mail.
and she was huffing so much i finally woke up and said good
morning and i asked her how christmas went. i don't think
i've ever seen her so wired. seriously. she was on the
edge. and she told me the whole sotry about how things went.