Kat Eyes
2003-01-10 02:30:29 (UTC)

december 23, 2002

sorry i haven't written for awhile. things have been a
little crazy lately. especially w/ the holidays, practice,
school and family. they're all driving me insane-i swear.
well, i quit basketball. i found out that ashley actually
hates my guts, and i guess she's not the only on whose not
particularly fond of me. so-i quit. i'm tired of all the
damn drama, and to be honest i didn't feel lke practicing
my entire x-mas break. so i went and told blackshere on our
last day of school before break that i quit. he was
like "i'm sorry to let you go, blah blah blah, i'll miss
ya, blah blah blah" and i was just like "oooooook..." so
yea, i quit.i'm actually glad i did. i feel like this
weight has been lifted off my shoulders. so, yea. no more
basketball! you'll alsonever guess whats going on. i like
blake! yea, blake from mhs drama. blake that was in my
spanish class in summer school. blake who lovesbritney
spears! that blake. well, he doesnt like britney spears
anymore, but he was a big fan. but i like him! imean i
don't like him b/c hes like this fine ass guy. i like him
b/c he's funny, sweet and we have ALOT in common. he's
cute, but not fine or something. its not a physical
featuresbased relationship, like i think the relationship
bwtweennick and i was.i like blake for who he is. and he
likes me! its so great and i'm so hppy. and everyone who
knows that we like each other thinks its the cutest thing!
and i dont get why. and i talked to nick, and we are
officially over. i mean OVER. now i don't even see what i
saw in nick. i mean the more and more i think about it, the
more i dont understand why we went out. i mean seriously, i
can't find anything that we had in common. and the more i
talk to blake the more things i discover we have in common.
its great. but the down fall is that everyone thinks hes
gay or bi. just b/c he sounds like hes gay. i mean god so
what! if he was gay, he wouldn't like me would he. and i've
even asked him if he has a different sexual preference that
i should be aware of and he said no. he said alot of people
ask him if hes gay or bi but hes not. and he gets it all
the time. but i dont get what peoples deals are. i mean so
what if hes gay, but if he likes me then hes not gay is he?
it just pisses me off how people assume things before they
get any information. it just amazes me. i was supposed to
go out w/ joey on sunday, but since this whole blakw thing
has come up i decided to not see him. i talked to blake for
a long time last weekend, and the more we talked, the more
i grew to like him. and i guess he felt the same way. i
talked to him on monday and i just said it. i said "i think
i like you" and hes like "well i've been thinking the same
thing' menaing he also feels the same way. and we spend
more time together at school, and its just great. hes so
funny and he just makes me feel great when i'm around him o
when i talk to him, no matter whats wrong. and we llisten
to the same type of music (i got him into sugarcult) and we
have both had interests in witch craft in the past. its
just cool.b/c grandma and grandpa are going out of town to
gary and lisas for christmas, i'm just kind of laying
around the house on christmas eve and christmas day. blake
invited me to come to his house for christmas eve dinner.
b/c hes going to his moms house on christmas day, his
family is having christmas dinner and stuff on christmas
eve. so he invited me to come. i'm all excited too! and so
is he. but i'm worried about dad picking me up. he has to
work christmas eve day, and grandma is taking me to blakes
house. i'm going to get his exact address from him, but
even though i'm afraid dad wont find the house when he has
to pick me up. well, i mean if he can find distant and
abandoned high rises in los angeles so he can install fire
alarms in them, i think he can find a house in a
residential area.well, i'm gonna go b/c grandmas trying to
work her computer and get this call waiting crap. l8rz