Kat Eyes
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2003-01-10 02:29:14 (UTC)

december 5, 2002

oh man this week has been crazy. varsity is in a
tournament, and it's happening at mhs. and us (jv) being
the expendable ones) is helping run tickets/$, raffle, and
the cossession stand. and the tournament is from after
school until 8 or 9 at night. so we've all benn showing up
there right after school and helping out. and i'm pooped.
grandma came in a little bit ago, saying that if i wanted
to fake sick to get out of school and come home to sleep,
she'd pick me up. for grandma to say that to me i must be a
mess. seriously-i got about 6 hours of sleep last night. i
left mhs at 8. got home at 8:30. was online until 8:50.
completely showered and dressed by 9:15 and homework for
the rest of the night. i went to bed around 12, b/c i was
finishing the DNA molecule that i thought was due today,
which is really due tomorrow.well, at least i finished it.
and i did my algebra homeowkr in the gym today, when things
were slow, so i'm all caught up. but i have to switch my
classes around! i'm pretty pissed, but i'm missing so many
practices. to be on basketball i have to have 6th period PE
and i dont. and they practice during 6th period. and i'm
missing so much, b/c of the tournament all the practices
are during 6th period. its really simple as switching my
5th and 6th periods, but ho (my algebra/6th period teacher)
cant get me into another class so i have to get another
algebra teacher. i'm pissed.but oh well. i can't think of
much else thats going on. OH! i talked to joe and his
girlfriend online the other night. shes a real sweetie,
very nice. and i'm happy for joe-he lost his virginity to
her so i know he really loves her. but they think shes
possibly pregnant. joe told me shes only 2-3 days late, but
he said shes been eating alot. which doesnt always mean
something, but it can. but i mean come on. shes 17 i think,
joes almost 17, and he has no job. and even though his
parents adore her, they won't want to watch the baby. and
he doesn't have a job! OMG! i would have smacked him if he
had been standing in front of me. its pretty dumb to not
use protection now a days. and this chick of his has been
through the hell hole and back. she was molested when she
was 11 and gave birth to a baby when she was 12. and 3
years later her baby was taken away from her, but she got
it back and then she took it to the doctor, to find out she
had a type of bone cancer in her legs. and she died. and he
mom's step dad sexually harrassed her way back when. i mean
you name it she's been through it. but has she gone and
gotten tested?! i just don't get joe sometimes...he can be
oblivios beyond beliefe. and nick wonders why i'm waiting
until i'm married to have sex. i wanna go to college and
graduate and stuff before i even think about having a baby.
like i want one anyways. i'd be too afraid i'd do to my kid
what my parents did to me. so, yea. nick wants kids though.
and i guess if i raised mine right it wouldn't be so bad.
oh...nick and i are actually setting a date! i was supposed
to call him wednesday and we were gonna talk, but with this
after school tournament and stuff, i can't. hes in bed by
10, which is 7 here. and i'm not calling at 12 at night.
i'll call sunday or something. joe and his g/f set a date!
i was kinda surpried. she said joe's dad is going to give
her away, and joes parents totaly approve of it. its like
in 2008. she said theyd both be 21, and i think its a good
idea when they set it. you cant get married if you're under
18 anyways (i checked) but thats so great. i'm so happy for
them. they were so love-y dove-y in joe's chat room it was
disgusting. but sweet. i want nick and i to be like that.
but i guess its not b/c we're so far apart. i wonder what
i'll be thinking about nick in a year. if our bond is as
strong as it is now. it'll be interesting to see.
oh...lissa's package came! my CD's, drama shirt, and
(surprise) one of nick's shirts. i was so excited about
nick's shirt! i think i fainted or something. ui'm wearing
it tomorrow.well, i have to get to bed. i'm so tired, i
dont know how i'll get up in the morning

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