Kat Eyes
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2003-01-10 02:27:51 (UTC)

december 2, 2002

i cant write for long. it's like 11:00 and i should have
been in bed an hour ago. but i haven't written in awhile.
thanksgiving went better than i expected. hazel came over
for dinner, and was so sick i wanted to hurl. she's been
such a bitch to grandma and grandpa lately. i haven't seen
it for myself, but i don't think they'd lie about something
like that. well anyways, she came over and had turkey, the
whole 9 yards. it wasn't too bad. i went to the movies w/
jordan wednesday. he asked me if he could go into my jacket
(i'm assuming he was gonna feel me up...thats the
impression i got) and i told him no (like NO YOU RETARD!)
and after the movie i was like "yep, i'm not callin him
again". hes an assshole anyways. not really worth
it...stupid freshmen. gary, lisa, and the kids were here on
sunday for grandma's birthday ( i feel bad..i didn't get
her anything...again) and it wasn't too bad. much better
than the episode over the summer. and alot has been going,
on w/ nick, jesse, and surprise....joey and cody! well, i
hafta go to bed. but more prolly tomorrow if i have time.

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