A sad story
2001-09-09 04:19:30 (UTC)

The beginning

Since the day my mom found out I existed, she wanted me
gone. She wanted an abortion, but my father would not let
her. She tried many things to try to lose me, but nothing
seemed to work. She once threw herself off a flight of
stairs. She wanted to do whatever it took to get rid of me.
I went through seven months inside her, and it took toll on
my birth. When I was born, June 21, 1983, I was in critical
condition. The doctors said I wasn't going to make it. My
mom was happy about that, but my father was there for me.
He would see me everyday and talk to me to get better. I
know this because my dad kept a journal, and I have it till
this very day. In it he describes how hateful he was of my
mother for doing these things to me. He promised himself he
would take care of me until his death, which he did. My
mother did nothing to help me in my recovery. After she was
released from the hospital, she did not go and see me. She
wanted me dead and did not want to see me alive. The
doctors said the love from my father did good to me. I was
slowly getting better, and I would spend more time in my
fathers hands. With his touch, I was able to live and be