The Jaded Mind
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2003-01-10 02:26:23 (UTC)

Schooling...and stress

Well hiya. Being very ticked off at my previous journal
hoster (free open diary) for being offline for almost two
days when the webmaster said it would only be a matter or
hours before the site was back online, I decided to make a
new journal in the mean time.
My name is Kat. It's a nickname. And it in no way is an
abbreviation of my real name. But anyways.
So I go to school to learn to be a programmer. Four nights
a week, four hours a night. The nights get late, the days
get long, and I'm broke because right now I just started
two jobs, and haven't gotten paid for either one quite yet.
I'm getting over a breakup. I loved my ex, and still do.
But to go back to him would mean a loss of respect for
It's not that he treated me bad, don't get me wrong. He
just didn't treat me good emotionally. I think it was a
rather one sided relationship, and that realization really
hurts when it finally hits you. So anyways, I still have a
few things to do before class starts up again, so I'm gonna
go do them. Catch ya all on the flip side.