A sad story
2001-09-09 04:10:49 (UTC)

My Story

My life has been tragic. Since I was first conceived, I
have been treated badly. I have never shared this
information with anyone and decided that it was about time
to let it out. Since I have no friends, I decided to write
it all out. I hope this helps me feel better and
will help get it off my shoulders. I feel like I'm about to
explode, but yet no one has ever been there for me long
enough to share this with. Now I sit on my computer and
write what I feel.

I realized that what I have written is actually long and I
didn't even go into detail about anything. You have the rest
of your life to read it if you want. It came out longer that I
expected it to. You don't have to read it if you don't want to,
or you can just speed read it. I don't care, it is up to you.