Death to all
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2003-01-10 01:43:06 (UTC)


When I look into your eyes
I see things that are undeniable
So very beautiful
and undisguiseable

I see your hopes
I see your dreams
I see your loves
and your love for me

Inside your soul
I see my reflection
I see our love
and baby, it's perfection

You took an imperfect person
Scared, lonely, and tearful
Kissed away the darkness
and I'm no longer fearful

I look to you
For the strength to go on
You're always there for me
by my side, never gone.

You hold my hand through the sunshine
You dance with me through the rain
You cover my eyes through the lightning
So I'm not scared, and feel no pain.

You're the best thing in my life
Perfect in every way
I'll love you always and forever
Every second of every day.