random mumblings
2001-09-09 03:34:50 (UTC)


well i've officially hit rock bottom...i joined up at
www.lavalife.com and i put a personal ad in there...should
be interested to see what kind of response i get/any
response at all. yep, i always thought losers went on
those internet relationship things, so now i think i'm a
loser :) well actually i am! jeezus, i've been sending
out resumes for about a month (because i'm a "computer
scientist" now and i hate my fucking job...more on that
later) and i went to send one out this morning before i
left for work, and i thought "hmmm...something looks
funny...almost like something's *missing*". so i looked a
little closer, and lo and behold there was no f***ing phone
number on it. aaaaaaarrrrrrggggggghhhhh! so if anyone out
there owns a computer company and wants an energetic, hard-
working go-getter looking for an entry level programming
position in an up and coming company, drop me a line :)
damn, the worst part about that internet personal stuff is
putting a description of yourself and what/who you're
looking for in 100-2000 characters. pain in my ass that's
what i say...i'm just a regular joe, with a regular job, an
average white suburbanite slob. :) i'm just looking for a
real girl. well i'm sure i sound like a moron on my "ad"
so i'm gonna have to rewrite it and see what happens. and
go scan in a picture...i'll go over to my friend jen's
house tomorrow and see if she has one of me that i could
scan in :) ah well what's the worse that can happen? get
my heart broke again :)

so i never heard from kirk about how he did the rest of the
tournament...i don't know if that's good or bad. i
should've acted more proud of him when i was talking to him
this morning but i was more jealous than anything :) i
hope he did alright...he crashed in waterloo tonight
methinks and is gonna take the bus home tomorrow so i'm
sure i'll have lots of chess stuff that no one will
understand but that's okay, because i'm only writing this
partially for the millions and millions out there :)

also, i've got a new new year's resolution (and yes grammar
police, there should be two "new"s there) :) be less
whiny :) nothing worse than a whiny guy...sure it will be
hard to tell on here, but i figure i'll use this for an
outlet for my bitching and whining and be less whiny in
real life. this is in addition to my usual resolutions,
give up diet pepsi and get a 6-pack stomach so people will
come up and ask me to wash their clothes on my stomach...i
don't ask for much :)

today just flew by at work...i sat by my pal vicki today
and it was cool because it was someone to chat with which
made it a lot better and plus it was busy as hell which
always helps. there was a newspaper at work...well let me
backtrack a bit. HP bought COMPAQ (my company...god, i
make it sound like i own it or something) lol. anyways HP
bought COMPAQ and there's gonna be like 15,000 layoffs
between the 2 companies. well the paper comes out and
announces this and an "unnamed source" from COMPAQ says
that "there will be no layoffs for 2 years". that's a load
of shit. ROTFLMAO. i almost died right there. the last
time they told us "no more layoffs" they layed off about
200 people the next day :) so i figure that the whole
plant will be shut down by next weekend :) knock on
wood...i shouldn't joke about shit like that. so vicki's
my ride to work, and her weekend switched to wednesday and
thursday so i've gotta take the fucking bus to work on
wednesday...you can't see me but i'm overloaded
with joy i hate the bus!!!!!!!!1!!!!! it could
be worse though...jos (who she used to drive to work before
they switched shifts) has come to *maybe* 1/4 of his shifts
since she stopped driving him...lol...well there's at least
one guy who will be laid off before i will. i think me and
vicki would be cool together (she fits my 2 criteria - she
can make me laugh and she's honest) except we'd never hook
up. not because she's out of my league (AFAIC :) but
because there's about 900 guys at work and 10
chicks...computer company remember so the pickins' are slim
and i'm pretty sure i'm not in the top 2% :)

so i still haven't talked to pat since last friday...8
days. i haven't said what that was about and i'm not going
to...okay i'll be a tease and give you a hint :) here's
the short version (if that's possible)...he was going out
with this girl who was still living with her ex-boyfriend
but nothing was going on (so they said)...this has been
going on since about february and all the time i told him
it was bad, bad, bad. every month she said she was gonna
kick him out and every month she had an excuse why she
didn't. a couple of times, in drunken times, i convinced
pat to give her an ultimatum and he did, but she always
chose the boyfriend. finally (labor day weekend i believe,
no the weekend before) they went camping and pat dumped
her. well anyways, last friday me, pat and kevin went out
for some beers and to try and pick up chicks. didn't
happen. pat and kevin didn't want to go further than 2
blocks from their apartment which left the choice of lame-
ass bar A, lame-ass bar B, or lame-ass bar C. then we sit
down and pat orders a pitcher of carlsburg *light*. i say,
whoa, whoa. that started the night off on the wrong
foot :) so we're chatting and the subject of his
girlfriend comes up and i tell him what i thought of her
and he starts defending her and push comes to shove and we
end up getting into this huge argument and cursing each
other out for the rest of the night and all the way back to
his apartment. maybe i was in the wrong...he was in love
and maybe he eventually needed to hear that she was bad,
bad, bad for him but maybe not at that time. well in any
case, at one point he was trying to defend her and he
said "don't make her out to be the bad guy, a couple of
months ago she tried to break up with me and i kept us
together", so i spit out "well you're as fucking stupid as
she is then" :) i can only laugh at myself. it ended up
with him repeatedly telling me to go fuck myself and me
repeatedly telling him "i told you so" about what happened
(remember we were hammered). the next morning, he greeted
me with "morning fucker" and i haven't talked to him or his
roommate since. kind of pisses me off. they never call
back either.

well i could ramble on and on and on, but i should probably
do something a little more productive. oh yeah, and by the
way, most of the other "diaries" i read are written by
young people, in high school etc. when i was a kid, i was
told that high school would be the best time of my
life...don't believe it, that's bullshit. university is
the best time of your life :) and maybe in 10 years i'll
say your carlsburg years are the best time of your life :)