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2001-09-09 03:18:52 (UTC)


Right now, I'm kind of bored. It's already night time, so
there's nothing to do really but wait for MadTV to come on.
I don't even think it comes on tonight. I think the season
premiere is next week.

I really like Rancho. The people are friendly over there. I
have 2nd per. with Genavieve, Tamera, and Qwona. Then I
have 3rd per. with Julia, and this girl that I just met the
first day I started named Jennifer. She was new, too. Then
I don't know anyone 4th per. I have 5th per. with Reyna,
and 6th & 7th per. I have the same people in my class. The
only one I know in that class is Christine. We've been
friends since the 4th grade.

Guess what? T-Val goes out with his ex-girlfriend. That's
why he hasn't been calling me. And I heard he was kissing
up on some other girl at this guy's party. I swear, he's a
ho. He needs to get crabs or something to set his ass

Well, I don't have much to say. So, bye!

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