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2001-09-09 03:14:22 (UTC)

sleep deprivation

It's really an interesting concept, although my point is
slightly less than objective, since I am the one undergoing
the sleep deprivation. Like today, I was in the car (I
wasn't driving, thankfully... Shannon was) and, via my peripheral
vision, I could see that something was happening, but i was too
tired to move my eyeballs. Turns out there was this huge
wreck. I totally missed it. Or later, I couldn't think of
the word "Vegas". I said "We can run off to, to....
to.... " "Vegas?" "Yes". Which is really sad. Perhaps the
key is to actually start sleeping... hmm... intriguing
concept. Perhaps I shall test it tonight, allowing that my
sporatic insomnia doesn't flare up...