My life in a nutshell
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2003-01-09 23:58:17 (UTC)

A new day....

This has been one of the most boring days yet. I woke up to
find that my computer was finally done the wipe out, so I
preceeded to install everything.... now, I don't have any
internet because my damn network adapter won't work. It's
always something new with it!
My parents bought a new computer. I really want this one
then because I'm so fed up with my laptop. That would be
So, anyway, I end up running late for school... I basically
get out of the house with my stuff, no breakfast and my
hair completely wet. Not good!
I somehow manage to make it in time for my first class,
which is a miracle. It was Astronomy class and I love it
because everything to this point is all review of what I
already know... I mean, we were talking about stellar
parallax and I knew it... while most everyone had blank
looks on their faces... well, actually that was a lie. I
was too busy laughing at my Prof to look around! LOL
So, I get a half hour for lunch.... and I can barely eat
because I have a sore spot in my mouth by my molars. It
really hurts... so I take my time, eat my lunch, and while
walking to class, check my cell since it was only on
vibrate. Mike had called. Well, I really hate mising calls,
so I called him back. He just wanted to see if I could help
Leanne activate her cell. I did the best I could and I hope
that it helped. So, anyway, I talk to Mike for about 10
minutes and then went to class. I suffered through 2 and a
half hours of review. I really hated that. At least that's
the second class that I don't have to take notes in
class... well, very much! YAY!
Anyway, that's all for now. I'll probably write more
tonight once I get some more action. Elise is supposed to
call me, Lily is supposed to call me, and I have to call
Mike. Busy night, and that's not even including homework!


*Just a little note because there's really no point in writing
another entry for one little thing.... my laptop is now back up with
internet... it was the stupidest and simplest thing that I didn't get
and then I just realized it! Gotta love my brain!*

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