Squeeb's world
2001-09-09 03:06:03 (UTC)

Look-alike City

I swear all the dopplegangers in the world converge on this
city! Ok and the S-lookalike! I so remember the fisrt time I
saw him. He's the spitting image except for the fact that
he's like a good foot shorter. But wow! The face is
amazingly alike. And the scariest part of that whole thing
is, they share the same birthday. I overheard that one day
while walking in front of the "twin". So I saw him the
other day and he's looking mighty fine. Short but fine. Then
we walk out of the building today and there he is. You know
it might have been a happy thing if I didn't miss S so much
but the fact is, I do. And this guy just makes me want to
run up and hug him. Mind you he'd be like "Who on Earth is
this nutcase?!" and have a restraining order put out on me
right away. Oh but it would be fun while it lasted. I wonder
what his name is? If it's the same as S, I'd freak. That
would be way too weird. Oh I miss him so much! I'm thinking
that Mr. Lookalike lives in the vicinity though because I've
seen him twice in the span of a week. Ok, obsess much? Ok,
ok. I'm stopping.

Current mood: lonely for S
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